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About Us

Welcome to Sprynox.
Thank you for your time and interest to know about us.
Before you get to know about us-let's talk about you. Whether you are an employee or student or a businessman or a homemaker, you need "Fitness"- a state of health and well-being that takes care of you, so you can always be "Active", So "Sprynox" for all your fitness needs.

Who we are?

Sprynox is a complete Health & Fitness center with an attractive world class Standards. With a vision to create fitness & activeness thus promoting your health, Sprynox aims to create a state of the art environment for recreation that successfully stays ahead of its time and thereby ensuring longevity.

What we do?

Apart from regular & casual badminton games Sprynox also provides Inter College & Intra College, Intercompany & Intra company tournaments.